Play Music by Ear – Tips and Techniques to Master This Skill

Some people are just gifted when it comes to music that they can play anything even if they just heard the song or if they had just listened to it once. Of course, that is not just about being gifted musically. You too, can develop you skill to play music by ear through exercises and regular practice.

If you are interested in learning how to play music by ear and play anything on the piano or the guitar without needing some notes or sheet music, you can actually do that through learning and practice. Here are a few tips and techniques that you may find useful for you to have a good start.

– Develop your listening skills. One of the most important skills that can help you play music by ear is of course your listening skills. You have to be keen with the sounds and the melody that you are listening to be able to distinguish one note from the other. Of course, with a good ear training, you can indeed learn to play music even without bothering yourself with sheet music or notes.

– Get a reliable resource or an expert tutor for your practice. In these age of easy and convenient internet access, you can actually learn to play music by ear through online tutors, online software or through online tutorials but of course, you can also get a tutor. Make sure though that you get a reliable and good resource so that you will be practicing the correct thing right from the very beginning. You would not surely want to practice errors that can become difficult to correct later.

– Allot time each day for practice. If you want to learn, you have to have time for practice each day. This is important especially if you don’t want to get stuck in one level in stop there. If you want to master the skill, you have to make it grow and not just settle for a mediocre playing and to make it grow, you have to give time.

– Repeat. Repetition is one way to master something. In fact, when you repeat one thing too often, you seem to be putting your whole system in autopilot that you don’t even think about doing it. Same is true when playing musical instruments like the piano or the guitar. If you have mastered the instrument, your fingers will eventually ‘know’ where to play a specific note. It will just come in autopilot. To help you learn music by ear, you can let your teacher play a few notes and then you repeat it. The more you practice it, the easier you can learn and master notes as well.

In learning to play music by ear, you also have to have a technique. This will help make your learning consistent, systematic, and faster as well. Whether you learn from a computer software or through a personal tutor, having a technique will surely make your learning fast and easy.