How to Play Music By Ear – Tips on How to Learn Music Fast

Learning how to play music by ear is indeed an impressive talent and skill where people play tunes and music without even looking at sheet music or notes. In fact, musicians who listen to the song and play it right away are just impressive and amazing.

If you are interested in learning how to play music by ear, you can actually learn this through hard work. Although there may be people who are musically gifted, you can however become a musical mindreader and a skilled musician by learning a few things that can help you become one.

Here a few tips that you might find useful in learning music easily or in playing music by ear.

– One of the important skills that you need to be able to start learning and mastering music is listening. Musicians who play music by ear actually just listen to the music and recreate what they hear. By being keen on what you hear, you can also learn to distinguish one chord from another or the difference in their melodies and harmonies.

Playing music by ear actually is recreating the music that you hear and the musicians also associate certain tune or sound to certain motions. When you actually play something on an instrument, you actually learn to associate a sound to a certain motion and that can help you learn to play music even if you don’t have any notes or sheet music.

Among the basic concepts that you also need to learn as well if you want to learn how to play music by ear are melody, harmony as well as the rhythm of the song. If you want to play music by just listening to it, then you can start with learning the melody and charting it. Start by listening to familiar songs and familiarizing the melody. You can then harmonize the melody with the chords.

After you have learned the melody, you can then use an appropriate rhythm that matches the song, When learning how to play music by ear, you can also start with songs that are familiar to you so that you will have a clear picture of how the song sounds.

Mastering a section of a song over and over and locating them on the piano or on the guitar or whatever instrument you want to play is also another technique that you can do to play by ear. Repeating these methods will indeed help you listen and train yourself on how to know the chords while just listening to the sound.

If you have a tutor with you, you can also do this technique in playing by ear by repeating a note that your teacher plays and this is repeated until you get the chord and mastered it. Of course, regular practice is important if you want to learn how to play music by ear. This skill can be a little difficult to master indeed but if you have the motivation and determination to learn and practice, you will find it a little easier to reach your goals when it comes to music.

How to Play Music by Ear

Knowing how to read music is an important skill for any musician, but sometimes it can be even more fun to know how to play music by ear. Playing music by ear is the skill required to hear a piece of music and play it back on an instrument without sheet music. Some people think that this is something they will never be able to do, but there are a few things they can do to improve their skills.

The best way to get better at playing by ear is by jumping in and giving it a shot. Do not expect to be able to play a piece of music perfectly on the first try. At first, playing by ear requires a lot of trial and error to find the right notes and intervals. Beginners need only to be patient and eventually they will get quicker at picking out the right notes.

It is also important to focus not only on the individual notes but on rhythm and intervals as well. Pay close attention to how the melody of the music moves for clues to how it might be played. It is also important to be aware of the rhythm and play accordingly. A song may be played very close to correctly, but it will be hard to tell if it is much slower or much faster than the original.

It takes a little bit of work and dedication, but ear training can drastically improve someone’s ability to play by ear. There are ear training programs available, or it can be done independently by listening to simple melodies. Listen to a melody and practice determining the exact interval. Being able to hear intervals correctly will make it simple to translate the knowledge to an instrument.

Learning how to play music by ear is a challenge, but it is not impossible. Techniques such as ear training will make anyone an all around better musician. With some practice and patience, it is possible for any musician to play what they hear back on the instrument of their choice.

Play Music and Have Fun Doing It

All right, so you are a new piano player and you are tired of playing the same old stuff. You want to be able to sit down at the piano and have some fun. With the skills you have learned in learning to play the piano, you will now be able to play music and have fun doing it.

What type of music genre do you like? Country western, the oldies, today’s pop. Go out and purchase the sheet music for your favorite music and practice it. One reason people become discouraged in playing the piano is that they play the same music time after time. There is no variation, no fun in playing the piano. So pick up a few different types of music, not just one.

By taking that first step in going outside your comfort zone and investing in a different genre of music, you will soon be able to play if you keep at it. Practice the music that you have purchased. Yes, sorry, I said practice. As with trying to do anything well there is always practice involved. After all, can you truly become accomplished at anything without any practice at all?

Once you have given the consistent effort that it takes to practice, you will find that there are many opportunities available to you. Maybe you have dreamed of playing the piano in a piano bar, or maybe it was just playing in front of your friends. Either way, think of the fun you would have, playing the music that makes people happy and being able to actually watch people love the music you play.

If this is something that you would be interested in doing, be prepared. You will first have to know a multitude of music and songs, but definitely don’t let this discourage you. You can play music and have fun too. Just make sure that you are prepared for any type of song requests that come your way.

How much fun could you have playing for family functions? And having your family to be proud of your hard earned accomplishments, to finally be able to do something that you love to do and have fun doing it. Music is able to bring so much happiness to people and being able to be one of the providers of music and having fun doing it can be no more rewarding.

There are so many people out there that would love to be able to play music that they love, especially in the world today, with all the stress and the way the economy is at present. By being able to play music and have fun doing it, you are not only being rewarded, you are helping to relieve built-up tension and stress.

For all of us that had to take piano lessons and complained but kept at it, we really should thank our parents. Little did they know that they would be opening a completely new world to us, a world of music and fun. A world where we can not only play music for ourselves, but also share our ability to play and have fun doing it.